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Tuning Videos and FAQ

Posted on 01 September 2015

If you're looking at purchasing out Lotus ECU Editor or have purchased an editor, please take time to watch these videos. 


Part 1


Part 2


Q: Will my Kold-Fire Flash Cable work with this?
A: No.

Q: Is there really much power and torque gain over my favorite tune from another aftermarket tuner?
A: Yes. We’ve seen all the other tunes on the market and none of their editors have complete access to the ECU’s performance tables to unlock all of the power in the 2ZZ motor.Complete access to the ECU allows the tuner to achieve more area under the curve. So even in cases where peak horsepower (at peak RPM) is already optimized with your existing tune, we have found that 100% of the time we can significantly improve the torque characteristics of the power band in the ever so critical low and mid range. Increasing this area under the curve will absolutely get a car from point A to point B faster and that is the point!

Q: The BOE FW Flash cable looks just like my Tactrix 2.0 Cable. Will my Tactrix cable work with it or do I have to buy your cable?
A: Your Tactrix OpenSource 2.0 Cable will work just fine with the FastWorks Software.

Q: Will this Software void my warranty?
A: Maybe.

Q: If I buy a BOE flash with the standard Flash/Diag software, can I always update to Level 1 or 2 ECU Editor later?
A: Yes.

Q: What’s the point of Level 1 ECU Editor Upgrade?
A: Tuning a car is a complicated process that requires specific tuning experience and expensive equipment to be carried out correctly. It can be quite dangerous to the motor and expensive to the owner in the absence of the right equipment and experience. The Level 1 ECU Editor is software upgrade to the Flash and Diagnostic software that comes with the BOE Torque and REV tunes and unlocks non-performance related features. Level 1 ECU Editor is designed for the user that wants BOE to do the tuning, but wants the flexibility to tweak other various factors that are less likely to hurt the motor such as emission MILs, rev limiters, injector scalers, shift lights, etc.

Q: I live in an emissions state where they check for readiness and I don’t have a catalyst on the car. Will the BOE flash have a Mill Kill? What about Inspection?
A: Yes. If you choose to operate your vehicle on the roads without DOT approved emissions equipment, operate at your own risk. The Level 1 upgrade will give the user the ability to manipulate the tune to pass most emissions inspections. For this flexibility, you should add Level 1 so that you can customize the emissions parameters of your BOE Torque or REV tune.

Q: I have a CX/Sector111/VF/Kold-Fire tune in my ECU. Is that a problem? Will that tune be retained in anyway?
A: Previous tunes are not a problem. The FW software will write over any existing tunes. In most instances your existing tune will be read and retained for future reference.

Q: I have more than one Lotus or want to tune or flash more than one car. Can I?
A: The SW is locked to a single VIN and Vehicle (as provided in the tune request). Each software package will only work on one car. If you’re a shop and will be tuning several cars, contact us about our dealer/installer program.





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